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3 Reasons why eMTB is Your Future

3 Reasons why eMTB is Your Future

Change can be good, or change can be bad. It ultimately depends. However, in this case, changing from MTBs to eMTBs is inherently great.

But you call the shot, so you decide.

Will you choose the Darkside? or the Light.

Anyone here has thoughts like these hindering them from daily rides?

Thoughts like:

"I have back pain."

"I've got kids to take care of."

"Sigh...Bad knees."

"It's just a short trip, I don't need the car."

Well, I do. And it's apparent enough for me to write an article about it. Problems arise when people like us get older, but do they get solved? These you'll never know.

"We were all young once, carefree. But as we grow up, our needs increase as well."

From a biking perspective, the answer to all our questions, according to Major bicycle brands, (names that shall be discussed another day) is always a better bike, one that is "Faster, Lighter, and has more cool gadgets," but does that truly solve our needs? Maybe our need for spending!

Let me now tell you 3 Reasons why eMTB is Your Future.

1. eMTB's fulfill your need of wanting to ride more.
An eMTB may not make riding enjoyable for you, but it does the trick of allowing others to ride more frequently, as well as effortlessly. So why should you care about this? Ever thought you might be the one with knee issues, or prolonged back pain when riding. Having an eMTB helps with this, with a much simpler infrastructure, more speed, less power. Understanding this may be difficult for some, but for many, especially those who still have deep interests in biking, but are bogged down by threats such as physical impairments, will get.

2. Being a Multi-tool for transport
Aside from helping you and your impending knee problems, an eMTB also serves as a tool for transport. That's actually the main purpose! But let me hop you in on a secret, you'll be leaving your SUV back in the garage because bringing your kids out with their bikes is way more fun. Who wouldn't like to see a family having fun outdoors right? Having a powerful motor opens up a gateway of opportunities to not under-utilize this beautiful contraption, but to over-do it.

3. You're a Trendsetter
Hey, someone's gotta start riding one of these eMTBs before another in your group does. Why not you? Showcase the "F.U.N" in Functional when you whip out an eMTB in your weekly riding group. It's sometimes not really about riding for speed, spewing dirt on helmets behind, but really about rolling in style, even if you lag behind (which is never going to happen when you have a powerful motor as your back-up).

So take your pick. The Future or an even more expensive upgrade from your $10,000 bike.

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