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      A Breeze: Concrete Jungle with Eskute Voyager


      How well could an eMTB adapt to everyday city life? How smooth would the ride to work be?

      To answer these questions, we forced our team to ride the Eskute Voyager beyond their capacity to figure out how suitable it is amidst the urban jungle.

      eMTB for the City

      Many would tell you that the eMTB, along with their horrendously thick tires are not meant for riding in the city. We say "NAY". Those horrendously thick tires provide a soft cushion to your knees, also a lifesaver when facing an unmountable curb.

      The Eskute Voyager does just that. The comfortable saddle coupled with the natural riding height developed for all provides a smooth and relaxed ride while in the city. Relating to city traffic, the Voyager provides smooth power transition up to 25km/h, limited by the threshold and once beyond, starts to decouple completely. This limit in power provides excellent cornerings and feedback even when swerving up and down the city blocks.

      From a perspective, our riders feel that the Voyager eMTB is an all-rounder that encompasses a great deal of comfort, don't forget the style, when riding in the city. The most notable feature is the sheer comfort for the rider's rear with our proprietory seat saddle.


      Eskute Voyager
      A simple case of when comfort triumphs efficiency.
      Try the Eskute Voyager in your city, and tell us how it is. We want to hear from you!