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Eskute Electric Bikes : Trailblazing for the Future

Eskute Electric Bikes : Trailblazing for the Future

Advancements in technology abolished barriers and paved the way for electric bikes, promoting a greener riding experience. However, the folks that favor traditional pedal-powered bikes popped the question, aren’t all bicycles the same in the carbon footprint of the environment.

For our proud Eskute electric bike riders, we aim to replace the usage of motorized vehicles, which further pushes the idea of “green” to the utmost limit, just like how our team of riders performs. The casual trip to the mall could be further optimized by riding an Eskute electric bike. That is truly green transportation for society as a whole.

What makes Eskute the best choice in the electric bike category?

Some advantages are:

1. Freedom to Explore Anywhere FAST

    • Eskute’s proprietary pedal system grants SPEED. Not the kind which downhill fanatics are used to, but one which every bike rider desire. This speed is then transposed into distance, with lesser effort spent from you, the rider. Eskute electric bike’s compact size lets you conveniently ride through cycling lanes, responsively cruising through traffic-free paths.
    • High speed and silent, what’s there to hate.
2. Fitness-Worthy
    • Cycling improves the fitness levels of the cyclist, and that’s exactly what Eskute electric bikes achieve. Though built to be fast and flexible, our bikes are also for every being chasing to be health-conscious. The pedal-assistance inevitably helps everybody, of all ages and sizes to constantly ride longer, encouraging a healthier, happier sensation when cycling.
3. Reduction of Expenses
    • Eskute bikes are manufactured not only for your fun but also to sustain a greener community. To remind you to ride instead of drive. This lessens the carbon footprint and also achieves a reduction of expenses.
    • This is why the Eskute electric bike is the optimal solution to a greener community and can be a way of expressing your help to save our planet.

Special Characteristics of Eskute Bikes

  • A motor made solely by Bafang, one of the leading manufacturers of e-mobility components since 2003.
    • The sheer emphasis on quality, reliability, and longevity propels our Eskute Bikes to greater distances, and further to boot, without any problems.
    • High power
      • Eskute electric bikes use powerful, rechargeable batteries that enable travels of up to 60miles in a single charge. These bikes can ride up to 25km/h, which is the country limit specification.
      • Odometer
        • Wanted a way to track how much fuel you could’ve saved, or how many calories you’ve burned off while cycling? The odometer does just that. Instead of just measuring the ordinary distance traveled, the additional information helps track not only your expenses saved but helps in managing your fitness goals as well.

        After reading about the wonders of what Eskute has to offer, it might be time to seriously consider purchasing a set yourself. So what if I told you that the Eskute electric bike is as affordable as a normal bicycle. Since we provide a factory-direct sales model, our prices are always beautifully set. Coupled with an amazing team that handles after-sales services, we do not abandon our loyal riders. The best sales are when we see a smile on our customers' faces when biking down the trails they love.

        So get ready to explore the city through a new route, not the one restricted only to motorized vehicles, stop for a cup of coffee on the way before work, or maybe even two. Our bikes open new avenues for you to commute, take creativity into your own hands, literally. Order one today!

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