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      Hate scratches? Anti-Chip Tape, A Game Changer

      eMTBs are excessively prone to scratches, especially when riding on trails, so how do we prevent that? "Transparent Anti-Chip Tape", that always seems to do the trick. Just like everyone's trusty sidekick, the duct tape.

      This tape applies to both Carbon frames and Aluminium frames, with clear advantages. For Carbon frames, a minor scratch might be a catastrophic beginning to many problems, including the dreaded destruction of your expensive frame. And Aluminium, even though much more resistant to chipping and breakage, doesn't guarantee that it won't happen.

      The uses of such transparent anti-chip tape help encase your bike behind a softer, more pliable cushion, which prevents most minor scratches and bumps to puncture through your frame. To use it, simply measure the desired length. cut the tape, and apply it directly after making sure the area is clean. This works charmingly well for maintaining decals as scratches and peeling are minimized.

      In hindsight, using the Anti-Chip Tape helps minimize the possibility of catastrophic damage to your eMTB, but there is no guarantee. A tip from the Eskute Team riders, if you're already shelling out thousands, why not a couple of dollars more to lengthen the lifespan of your bike.

      You can get it for as cheap as €10 if you search hard enough. Or an example on Amazon.


      p.s. As I wrote in the beginning, a small scratch could be catastrophic for certain bikes, especially carbon frames. So why pay thousands of dollars for something that might break so easily? This will be covered excessively in another post linked here where we write about Alloys & Carbon frames.