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Ordered an Eskute E-bike? Let's get you seated!

Ordered an Eskute E-bike? Let's get you seated!

"The Holy Grail of Comfort lies in Seat Height"
- Eskute Team Rider

Whether you're going for distance or leisure, an optimal seat height always feels better. But that doesn't mean that the height remains throughout your bike's cycle. Different terrains require different angles and heights for that buttery smooth ride.

We help answer the WHAT, HOW, & WHY for our riders.


In retrospect, the relativity of seat height to the length of one's leg represents the power output of your bike. This means that seat height is indeed the most important factor to consider if you want to maximize your new Eskute E-bike's prowess. This complex blend of angles involving your knees, lower back, ankles, and the pedals affect every type of force present in propelling the E-bike forward.

A slight increase or decrease to the seat height modifies the current motion significantly, which hereby affects how your "muscles" adapt to the pedal cycle.

There exists two main categories in which seat height differs:

1. Road Seat Height
2. Mountain Bike Seat Height


For this blog post, we will be teaching you how to configure the correct seat height for the general MTB riding in the city road.

There are 4 main seat height for cycling

  • Too low
  • Too high
  • Optimal height
  • Preferred height

Now to explain:

Too Low
A detriment to this setting is that it can result in anterior(front) knee pain due to increased compressions acting on the knee joint.

Too High
Results in posterior(back) knee pain due to over-extension of the knee at the bottom of the pedal stroke.

So with all that said, what is the optimal seat height?

Okay ladies and gentlemen, time to whip out the protractor stuck in your pencil case from grade school! Time to get measuring.

The optimal rule for seat height is when there is a

25° knee angle

when the pedal is at the 6 o'clock position. This angle produces the best power to endurance ratio for most riders, and it is something worth trying out.

Preferred Height

This might differ from rider to rider, but studies suggests that the preferred height is around

30 - 40° knee angle

This is for professional and recreational cyclists! That definitely includes us then.

Do give these methods a try and we shall explain more in the coming weeks, especially seat differences in different terrains.

Stay tune and ride safe everyone.

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