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Storage Suggestions : E-Bike At Home

Storage Suggestions : E-Bike At Home

Since the start of the E-bike boom from the early 2010s, riders everywhere have gathered and asked this question:


After reading this headline, you may be wondering whether your E-bike has been stored correctly? Let's say that if it's reflecting the gorgeous sunset in the yard, chances are, maybe not.

5 Professional Tips to store your E-Bike at home

bike in home

First of all, you'll need a 150 acre of land that rivals Will Smith. We're joking, what you need to actually be doing is to find out how much free space you can work with, the number of bikes you're storing, and your riding frequency.

With these three key ingredients, you'll be able to correctly store your e-bikes hassle-free. Trust us, we definitely do not throw our bikes in the garage, or hide it in the caravan away from our spouses.

  • The In-house system
    • What we meant by the "In-house" system is literally just parking the e-bike in your house. The best part of this is that you could wheel it out straight if you ever got into trouble at home. Zoom down the streets and return home just in time for dinner.

      bike wall mounting
  • Wall mounting
    • If you're sadly out of space, the wall mount might be the most suitable for your predicament. Not only does it utilize the space similar to that of an expensive painting (definitely not saying Eskute's bikes are as nice as those ridiculous paintings), you'll get to mount in and keep your baby safe from harm's way.

  • Multi-hook system
    • This may or may not work for everyone. The multi-hook system is used by attaching a thick rope, meant for lowering the device for access. This is only viable when the ceiling is of a certain height. Although it has a plethora of uses, like storing more than one bike, it does not cater to heavier bikes.

  • Rack
    • Like all MTB enthusiasts, having one bike rack at home will do you more than good. However, as E-bike owners, we more or less need a sturdier rack as weight is often a limitation for us. A few types of racks include Wall-to-floor racks, freestanding racks, and floor stands.
    1. Wall-to-floor racks
  • Standing amid the floor and ceiling, this simple tower can easily be shifted and removed if wished. Most commonly able to store two bikes, vertically with the first bike being above the second. The drawback of this rack is that the user, which is us, muscular folks, have to physically lift the e-bike and mount it.
  • Freestanding Racks
    • Tripod lookalike racks that do not serve the purpose of taking beautiful pictures with your bikes. Being purposefully placed on the floor means only one thing, invasion of privacy, however, the rack being movable and collapsible brings about the convenience of racking up your e-bike anywhere. Do check them out as they come with really good models that might fit your purpose.
  • Floor stands
    • Welcome to the age of convenience, no need for anything else, simply store your bike there, enough said. Additionally, there is no need for any sort of lifting which makes it undoubtedly suitable for the silver generation.
    • Bike locker
      • There always exists a solution nearing "perfection" which warrants whether you have enough money to afford it. And this is one of them. Preventing any measures of breaking in, be it raindrops or your neighbor's nosy fingers, this crafty contraption not only protects your bike with sure confidence but also forces your hand on taking out your credit card. Bike lockers do need adequate space, so they are perfect for the outdoors, like a backyard.

      The above examples are all bike storage methods, whether you find one that fits your need or not. It's always good knowledge to know.

      Check-in for our next article regarding Tips and tricks to store your E-bike in the house.

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