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      #PartsCheck - Shimano Groupset


      Even if you're new to the biking scene, I'm sure the name "Shimano" paints a picture of fishing reels and bicycle parts everywhere.

      Shimano, being at the forefront of the mountain bike industry, leads professionals and enthusiasts with century-old techniques that not only perform well, but ensures reliability when it matters. This may be the reason why Shimano is considered a benchmark in the biking scene, other than the obvious reason to many that it is "Japanese Made".

      Being "Japanese Made" is considered to be the pinnacle of quality by anyone in the world. People chase for it, and they crave for more. But if I told you that the Shimano company has dabbled in their fair share of cross-border development, would you believe me?

      For Shimano itself, there exists a varying tier of quality specifically suited for different individuals. These specific qualities source their parts from mainly three locations, being Japan, Singapore, and China.

       Shimano Groupset

      The Right Groupset For An Eskute

      Let's talk about something called a groupset. A groupset is a compilation of different parts that are designed to work together seamlessly. This usually includes gears, chains, shifters, cassette, chainring, and those things that stop you from getting into accidents, the brakes. Major bike companies like Shimano over here sink top dollar into R&D for these.

      For this #PartsCheck, we feature the Shimano groupset that Eskute bikes adopt.

      Eskute bikes dwell for reliability. We ensure that our riders/consumers get to and fro their desired destination comfortably, with a bit of added fun. This is why we use the Shimano Tourney groupset. The Japanese powerhouse has a multitude of ranges that caters to every rider on this planet, but that doesn't mean we simply pick the best or the worst. Through numerous bike fitting on our Eskute Voyager, we decided that the best way to enjoy our e-bike is to ride with reliability.

      Reliability = Shimano Tourney Groupset

      This particular model, the Shimano Tourney Groupset realizes the stability that we sought. Providing not just exemplary performance, but also the flexibility to adapt to our e-bikes. Even though the gear shifting might not be 100% accurate, with enough practice, it isn't hard to figure out how smooth the transition is.

      One thing we really love about this model is that it lowers the entire cost of our bikes even more. Eskute adopted the Tourney groupset for one main reason. We aim to deliver the joys of riding an electric bicycle for the first time, the benefit of traveling with not just your partner, but your family, at an extremely affordable cost.

      Not everybody has the mentality of perfection

      We don't assume our lovely riders to clean, oil, and maintain their bikes for optimal performance, only the pros do that. Eskute wants our riders to enjoy the freedom of riding, and that does not include the loss of freedom from taking time to maintain the bike.

      Stay tuned to more #PartsCheck posts.